SEC Fails πŸ˜† Amazon Blockchain 🌈 N. Korea CryptoCon

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  • you should give away shirts to people that talk to you

  • Swindler!You scammed our guy because you want to make a quick profit!

  • Winter must have passed. It's just that it's still the beginning of winter. Hopefully this year winter will not be long. Regard for you

  • Hey Randal!!!

  • he's a scammer. he blocked our guy after paying him BTC for a youTube ICO review and didn't make a video for us at all. i hope this won't happen to people who choose to trust him and do business with him.

  • don't make any deal with this guy.. give back our BTC

  • he scammed our guy into paying BTC for Youtube ICO review video and after getting paid he blocked our guy and did not make a review for us at all.

  • Nice to see that SEC will catch you πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Sec its coming for yu loser. Alm icos you pumped.

  • I'm in Wisconsin and my nipples can cut glass right now.

  • It was funny seeing what a two year old would see with a guy with a beard. No wonder kids are scared of dudes with beards . We need a wallet that someone can add fiat in with no identication and link to your bank account. That will be amazing. Will this happen?

  • The perks of bitcoin profits! lol

  • i realy like your videos, speciali that with girl i remember ! πŸ™‚ DONT GO !

  • Hi Randall! It was nice meeting you and Jason (Crypto Crow) at World Crypto Con in Vegas. Thanks for posting videos. 😎

  • Florida sun… NICE … Enjoy the fine conditions there.
    here in Netherlands its 42.8 Degrees. Chilly and almost freezing my b*lls of

  • Lets Surf… come to PR

  • Some of those camera angles make you look like a furball on top of a neck lolz. Love the show.

  • You don't have normal public areas in US πŸ™‚ Only car parks.

  • Randal: Could you tell us the wallet name that you are referring end of this video. Also have another question, when you speak to public people they say bitcoin used for illegall stuffs and no one can trance and catch the bad people …. how do u respond to this question ????

  • Careful not to knock an old person – if we live long enough we all become one. πŸ™‚ (Kidding with ya – I know you weren't knocking them.)

  • Weiss also upgraded TRON

  • Yo Randall. It's me, HodlersWeekly…I didn't know you were in Florida…so am I…Tampa Bay area.

  • Person: (comments) can I please sit on your face?
    Randal: "Anytime, as long as you're not a dude…and uh (looks up and scratches chin)…you made me lose my track of thought"

    Yeah, I know what you were picturing Randal.

  • Thanks for filling us in even when you're traveling!

  • Good to educate the general public

  • I live in Naples. Love this city

  • The youngin that you interviewed gives me hope that prices will keep going πŸ€‘πŸ’°πŸ’°

  • Please!!!!! Do not go to N. Korea

  • Sex Bot token!!!! Woot

  • Pppppplllllleeeeaaaasssseeeeeee

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