Cease Worrying About Bitcoin – Do This As an alternative! “Trillions” in Bitcoin?

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Too typically we concentrate on the quick time period Bitcoin technical evaluation, however on this video, we do not. In in the present day's video we talk about the long run Bitcoin technical evaluation, and the place Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency markets are headed in the long term.

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*I'm not a monetary adviser, this isn't monetary recommendation. I strongly encourage all to do their very own analysis earlier than doing something with their cash. All investments/trades/buys/sells and so on. needs to be made at your personal danger with your personal capital.*

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  • Fantastic content Jebb

  • Btc going to kindergarten 100

  • Cryptos are falling apart… Very sad scene.

  • "Gold Bits Coin is having a very good day, up 33%" LMAO! This idiot is talking about a scam coin with barely $20,000 daily volume. Please tell me nobody is actually listening to this dummy.

  • We need more puns

  • you just made a good point, the present financial system is run by old geezers, it will soon be time for the younger guys to come through with new innovation, it cant be stopped

  • Awesome video thnx

  • Can I short bitcoin now in bitmex…plz tell

  • How do you know people's heights? Or are you kidding?

  • Guess I'm an outlier too…66 and loving crypto

  • I am a 62-year-old Mex/Am female without a retirement plan, hoping bitcoin makes it possible to retire before I die! I feel pretty old now, Thx Jeb!

  • What is your opinion that paper Bitcoins (futures) crashed BTC? Paper BTC is in unlimited supply.

  • Today Jebb, you made me feel old… as you can see I'm a man and over 35 🙁 I'm going to be 36 on Dec/2/18… Do you have the data for what kind of race is your viewership is?

  • 50% btc 40% xrp (when sec approved) and 10% other long shots like omg, kin, trx etc. – the long game 🙂

  • I love your bullishness but its hard to see with all the bears shorting the market. Is institutional money going to come into such a highly volatile market? Trust me i want to be bullish and being bullish has made me lost alot of money in this market…?

  • Thanks

  • Like I said 1 million by 2028-2030. The next run will be bitcoin's biggest in history because it'll cause a trigger effect. There's millions of investors with millions and billions of dollars and believe me they're watching it but they see bitcoin heading to 0. Once bitcoin can bounce back and get up above 8k and hold we will see it climb for 2-3 years in my opinion. 125 by 2020-2021, 325k by 2024-2025 and 1 million by 2028-2030 or 2035 at the very latest all depending on politics and laws that can be passed.

  • Guess I'm an outlier

  • XRP = Banked
    ETN = Unbanked

  • Swear to god, woke up this morning, opened cash app’s btc and saw a glitch of a huge spike upward but refreshed it and realized it dropped -.-

  • Hey I read a book once by Carmen Harrah and she predicted that in the future there would one monetary system and that it would work with codes. Is crypto not codes? I just wanted to share that.

  • Nice, will keep up with this, cheers.

  • Bitcoin is the Sears of crypto, that might be too old of a reference for some people.

  • But all you moon boys love govt intervention

  • Tell your followers about cme futures printing paper coins to trade and suppressing the price and will continue to just like the us govt always does

  • Holy shit! I'm 75 next June.

  • Tell wait 20 years for those who work in coalmine.

  • 60 is old? I’m 64 and probably going to the next Rolling Stone concert. My mom died young at 98

  • XRP will go first by politique by banque , that is a fact , 2020 it is donne

  • One of the best videos yet

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