Tremendous Tingly ASMR EAR CLEANING

Tremendous Tingly ASMR EAR CLEANING
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  • i watched this and instantly got tired, i had to force my eyes open lol, i fell asleep towards the end and somehow woke up to klance comics😂🤦🏽‍♀️👏🏽

  • Holw

  • Lol its 6:51 pm I'm 21 mins late or a few hours late :)))))

  • maybe it‘s just me but i can only feel tingles on my right ear

  • 日本人いないのー?

  • Ash

    It was good 😴

  • Love how she promos at the beginning of the video because she knows very well we’ll be asleep by the end😂

  • I Love your Videos not just because of your accent but also due to your attention to detail. You are my go too every single night. No one compares from your night nurse to your ear worm extraction professional.

  • 6:30
    checks time
    Wow that’s creepy

  • Wait. Was everyone in here drunk.

  • Bro. I was watching this and it said appointment for 6:30 and it’s freaking 6:29 😱😱

  • Top idk how many reasons why this video is great
    1. It's an ASMR ear cleaning
    2. It's first person
    3. Whatever I like all ASMR ear cleanings

  • YAAAAASSSSSSS LOVE these, whose with me?

  • <3

  • You are great❤

  • How long has the itching been happening
    Me: since I started watching this video

  • totally loveddd itt

  • Thats wierd it was 6:30 were i live

  • just tryin' to be willy willy gentle

  • 4:20 Monika in my life

  • That "ok, ok, ok" sounds familiar in ASMR for me.

  • It’s creepy because at the start of the video it said “you’ve scheduled for 6:30” and I actually watched this video at 6:30! And no, I haven’t watched this video before up until this point.

  • Nice job! Thumbs up.

  • The redness was from the past deep ear cleaning asmrs 😂

  • Beg for money on the next video. My bad you've done that for about 15 videos now..

  • I just love the sound of your voice when you act sweet and caring.

  • Your accent makes the whole video so much tinglier

    Also are you pregnant because I see that people keep saying that. Also I thought u were only like 14 or 15 or something lol

  • In regards to the amazon wish lists including the baby one are those things we can buy you and send to you???

  • TIME stamps

    Me= 😪😪😪😪😴zZzzZZZZ

  • Tingle bells , tingle bells, tingle all the way.. this was amazing. Love your videos 😘💕

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