SURPRISE! Putin Visits A Pharmacy, Workers Can Not Consider Their Eyes, Babushka Ignores Him!

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Russian president Vladimir Putin visits a pharmacy.
The presidential motorcade has stopped close to a pharmacy in Pushkin. It is a Vita pharmacy. When it grew to become clear that Putin was going into the pharmacy, our crew went into the pharmacy first and began to movie the whole lot.
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  • Amazing president Vladimir Putin

  • babushka didnt care, babushka needs medicine

  • It's stupid how so many people in America say he is an evil dictator.. A true leader is straight forward, visits his own people and believes in progress like Putin. He's nowhere close to being evil, and Russia isn't even a terrible country.

  • Any leader that kicks the Rothschild's out of their country is a wise leader in my book.

  • Yeah go ahead, call the police xD hey police, Putin is here and filming.

  • That man is truly a genuine definition of an Alpha male

  • Nice touch from Putin, wish our PM would come out and visit normal people instead of just business leaders!!

  • Babiska living in sybir now 😂

  • Now all these old ladies wants Putin's D.


  • This American loves Putin! Great man for sure.

  • Lol how does united states hate putin but love trump?

  • On the next episode of CODMW2, No Russian really meant, No Russian….

  • Putin be like 1 paq of XL condoms please.

  • I love Mr. President V.Putin

  • No 2-hours traffic jam? Really cool

  • And then a new manager appeared the next day! This one in on a extended vocation!😂

  • Lock Her Up

  • All the country President should be like Putin

  • Well Putin is more respectful to people in this video than Trump in general.

  • So…that's the pharmacy where the Russian Government buys its neuroparalytic drugs (against foreign agents and traitors).

  • The quality of news in Russia vs rest of the world 😁

  • "Chief manager disappeared into the utility room and came back in a white coat 30 seconds later."

    L m f a o

  • This is not YouTube this is OurTube

  • Jajaja

  • Looks Like Turkey. Erdogan makes same stops

  • 推薦影片來的…

  • Good PR video for the Russian government corporation!

  • Respectful bunch, don't like the need for everyone to be standing around though

  • In reality, the pharmacy is the one that visits Putin.

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