The Ripple XRP Bitcoin Struggle

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I'm not a licensed monetary advisor. All movies on this channel are supposed for leisure functions solely. You shouldn't purchase, promote, or put money into any asset based mostly on what I say in these movies. You need to know that investing carries excessive dangers. You could possibly lose your complete funding. This isn't buying and selling recommendation and I'm on no account chargeable for any losses incurred.

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  • XRP is the obvious choice. I listened to all the haters initially calling it centralized and about banks etc. but one day not long ago it just clicked that this is one of the only projects in crypto ACTUALLY DOING THINGS affecting the financial industry as we know it. Cheers and keep adding to that stack.

  • I love how you say "Moving along!"

  • I do have cinemon in my coffee and I have to say I like it.. 😎🙏

  • I stopped using coinmarketcap. livecoinwatch is better anyway.

  • bottom line is we're going to win because the banks will adopt crypto before people will….

  • C H

    Again I am seeing other HARD FACTS that suggest coinmarket cap is using the actual circulating supply available to the open market not the total supply held by people at XRP. The Yahoo finaance market cap is WRONG. It is actual pretty damaging towards XRP what you are doing regarding market cap. Why are you so unwilling to accept that?

  • The SEC not approving an ETF for XRP is the biggest manipulation ever.

  • This is an FD Fully Diluted Coin Market Cap – I will now use this all the time for a clear view of the value of Crypto coins

  • No intro? Moving XRPly (Swiftly) along

  • blablabla. imma sit back and enjoy the show 🙂

  • I keep saying, but nobody is listening. CMC is not "guys" or "them". It ONE person running it from their apartment. Mark my words… he's gonna get smoked out when the institutions arrive on the scene. DAI… CMC is another

  • Go DAWGS!

  • Alabama are beast! Georgia no way.

  • What’s with Americans and their love of “war”? #chill

  • All I want for Christmas is XRP over $100

  • 👍👍👍👍

  • Ask the #6 coin if market cap matters. NICE POINT.

  • Where are you from in the SEC???

  • For any coin to be taken seriously need to be in trillion dollar market cap!

  • DCG invested in Ripple as well… Parent CME wants Ripplenet XRP for digital asset/commodities trading.. puppet masters are all linked.. the media is a hoax

  • NO ONE WINS UNTIL XRP WINS! The Bitcoin maximalists are wrong. The price of XRapid is only a modicum of what it's worth. We are in an age of the instant teleportation of IMMENSE WEALTH! I'm stuffing my bags cuz I'm no dummy

  • 62 A.XRP 1

  • The Best vs. The First

    That is a new one! Yet, true!

  • I like for research. Lots more information, videos, better charts, and more accurate information. CMC is going to die a slow death, without the willingness to adapt to what customers want they will become a dinosaur.

  • Motorola, Nokia and Blackberry were all once dominant at one time..same w Netscape, Kodak, blockbuster, Yahoo, GM, etc.. mostly irrelevant now. Notice something there?
    Bitcoin was the 1st but it won’t be the next big thing.. and will wither away. Inevitable. History REPEATS itself.
    Investing in BTC is like investing in VHS videotapes.
    Blockchain will survive, most cryptocurrency will die, but XRP will thrive.
    As Ben Shapiro says, “Facts don’t care about your feelings”

  • Heard cboe was in the club

  • They only thing thing I keep hearing about Bitcoin (which is getting f!#king old) is this ETF approval that keeps getting shot down by the SEC. That's it!! Nothing about improving its system, new use cases..NOTHING!! Now I don't know a thing about ETF's but why not a XRP ETF? Is that possible?

  • Don't care what said DAI..I LIKE THE INTRO😁

  • We have to remember, we want Bitcoin to be successful too. Its all part of the crypto ecosystem….but as long as it is #2 of course =)

  • Ask the #6 digital asset if market cap matters. Classic DAI !!!!!

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