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  • I wonder how much BTC will be needed for one option contract?

  • thats a great analogy

  • BTC under 2k by xmas

  • Looking forward to Digitex . Im going to enjoy commision free trading

  • Just like Digitex is disrupting Bitmex, there is a new player in the market named as Javvy, which is going to disrupt Coinbase & Binance.

  • If they thought they had to jump out of windows before, wait till they start fucking with crypto.
    -We play by different rules in here. 🤣Muahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    They should have just ignored us and left us to our Pokemon cards.

  • Unsubscribed!

  • From a risk management perspective, is it miners hedging their risk?

  • A year later and you guys still got the coldest intro theme in the YouTube space! 🔥🔥 🔥

  • Thanks you R good

  • yeah..I don't like the idea of banks controlling the whole shi-bang un less it entices every millionaire to get a bitcoin

  • i had some videos on this a while back i think, feel free to watch some of my crypto predictions are playing out. Im in AWE! very accurate

  • Derivatives are of two kinds. For theives and for robbers. Which are ypu?

  • GREAT shout Digitex Futures.This is an early adopter for sure .I have been waiting for it to soar next week i think.

  • Digitex wow.. The game changer

  • Roy


  • Thanks Doc!! Cant wait for DGTX to launch their platform. Not too long now… Put this token on your watch list and check the price between now and early next year. Good luck all!

  • Make videos shorter

  • Thanks for this information man.

  • Derivatives are a curse in the crypto market. You have to stop comparing crypto to the old market system which is centralized and crypto is decentralized. Just look how well the 1% have managed to destroy the current system for their never ending greed. Crypto is not a get rich quick sceem and in time the world will adopt the new technology when the current system collapses. We have to remember the current use of this technology is only about 2% of the world population .

  • Take a look at Digitex futures. Great concept with the token use.

  • I love your channel guys. By far the most collected and informative channel Ive found.

  • Hey, great video, what do you think about feniks finance? Very interesting project.

  • Hey, great video, what do you think about feniks finance? Very interesting project.

  • sent 10 BAT tip for great videos you make , Brave browser option

  • Lol derivatives will turn the price of crypto into vaporware, just like gold and silver

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