This $500,000 home value me 29 Bitcoin…

I first invested into cryptocurrency in 2015. I ended promoting 60 bitcoin for $17,000-18,000+ a coin in late 2017. Now I am beginning a small creator home. Discover out particulars on this video!!

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  • Let me start off by saying congratulations on all of your success. If my opinion still counts and you haven’t made a decision yet my personal favorite is number four as far as the exterior and the interior design goes overall. Number five was also my top pick but of course it seemed a little bit too large especially because you didn’t really sound enthused like you were about number four. Although number five the bathroom looks really good. But that’s neither here nor there. My next favorite would be number one and that’s because of the three car garage. The interior wasn’t the best but it definitely is still a nice home. Only reason why number one is on my list is because you smile really hard every time you talk about that third garage. And I feel that is probably more important to you than how a home actually looks inside. Dealing with multiple people who have their own vehicles can be very challenging and gets very annoying very quickly if you don’t have a system set in place. But ultimately if you plan on selling the house in the long run (sooner than later) I feel like you would have a better chance of selling House Number 4 over House Number one just based off of how it looks. Again that’s just my personal opinion. But of course number one is cheaper. But I would say if money wasn’t a factor which house gives you the satisfaction of all of your necessities being met? If you find that in any one of those homes then I would definitely go with that choice. Congratulations again and good luck on your decision. And PS do not move your girlfriend into your home unless you two already are engaged and planned on getting married. Couples living together prematurely is never a good idea. Space is always good especially when things get heated. You’re not forced to be in that person‘s presence and you both can calm down and regroup. I don’t know how old your girlfriend is but I’m assuming you guys are pretty young so you have plenty of time before shacking up is needed. You guys need time to learn yourselves and each other slowly and significantly well before ever considering something like that. 😉

  • Ma man ONE LUV 👌🏽

  • I have Quadroupled my real estate investment since 2015. A safe way to use your money, Well Played Sir

  • House number one

  • #5!!!!!

  • 1

  • 4th was the best one to me

  • Definitely house 4

  • I love looking at houses and all that

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