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  • I really appreciate you guys being here. Putting this much work into something only to watch it fade away is a difficult pill to swallow. Peace to you all. Don't forget to sign up the links in the description under the video. Much love!

  • Truth

  • Ask yourself did you develop this media platform do you own any part of it, do you pay to use it. If the answer is no, then they can do what ever they want they own it. What you can do is use your feet to go elsewhere and that's a free choice you are not using. Did you obtain all your footage legitimately or did you just grab it without anyone's permission and not pay the proper usage rights. Nothing's for free and if you think it is then you're kidding yourself. I'm not having a shot at you it's just something to think about. I would love a free service which nobody owns and people could upload what ever they want, but you know what types of video would surface, so no easy answers. If you stay here you have to live within the rules end of story !

  • Got to stay one step a head of the suits dude.
    Always liked your honest opinion in your short film. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿👍

  • M M

    Keep the fight going we will prevail

  • And then he bands bump stock??
    I dont care much bump stock stop chipping away at the 2nd ADMENDMENT.
    My family had hope with Trump voted for him 4 main things.
    1 Taxes
    2 build the wall like is Towers.
    3 put her in prision
    4 Protect the FN 2N ADMENDMENT.

  • So dang thankful I found someone like me on utube, and bitchute. Someone that hasn't a party affiliate; how can anyone follow this ruse of a democratic gov. & 2 party system when they're all corrupt greedy cowards. I'm wanting justice and freedom first and foremost through peaceful process's as you implied.

  • I already deleted Facebook for censorship and banning freedom of speech, if Utube keeps it up I will deleted them to.

  • YouTube doesn't stand a chance against us. We are a movement. We are too strong. Keep on making back ups. We all support you and we are all the same….we are all united and they can not stop us!

  • Took, your advice to add the backup channel.

  • Been sub’ed to your channel & ive started a bitchute profile as well or at least i think i did. Anyway i always like hearing anyone’s view on whatever topic it is to understand them or just get the issue myself. I enjoy your videos & topics on any subjects as well as hearing the views of the other people in the comment section witch i do read on occasion when i have a break at work or at home, Whichever. To me “climate change” which seems to be in the news lately no matter witch network ya watch is nothing to do with climate but a new reason to tax the shit out of you without actually doing anything for the environment or the climate, many disagree with me but i dont care thats my view on so called climate change…

  • It's all part of the plan. BOYCOTT "BIG TECH"!!!

  • Keep up the fight and be strong!

  • YouTube is full of shit

  • After I saw that video of the drag kid, I had to see if other people were saying similar things. I ran across a video showing the drag kid doing an interview with those two sick bastards. During the interview, the word “Rohypn” can be seen on the poster behind them two letters off from “Rohypnol” which is AKA “The Date Rape Drug”. Not only that, but these dudes are selling some of those most disgusting artwork i’ve laid my eyes on with one being a poster of pills and the words “Rohypnol” all over it. This can’t just be a coincidence and these people need to be investigated.

  • The Sheeple need to take a hard Look at the REAL Enemy… the Government! They steal your Freedom and Liberty, your money, your property, your privacy, your dignity, your future!

    The People need Laws to Protect their Rights from Government! How about LAWs with a Mandatory Minimum for the Government Violating a Citizens Civil Rights… 5 Years in Prison and 500K Fine for each rights violation/stacked charge plus all attorney fees and expenses!

  • Never give up, never surrender! Adapt and overcoming! Thank you gor your vigilance.

  • Dang, HighImpactTV. YouTube agreed that one ABC video was somehow hate speech… wow… This means YouTube is quite hypocritical with their review process.

  • Our true history is being hidden. See We Found The End of The Old World Order (OWO) by Jayson

  • You'll be gone soon. Just like shit being flushed down the toilet.

  • I'm tellin you, check out bit tube.

  • Fucking YouTube cocksuckers!

  • Nice

  • Subbed!
    Youtube are nothing more now than Cooperate SCUM!

  • good on you Tim from Australia

  • Im here again for a third time. 👍

  • thanks for your service to the world community. press on brother

  • Freedom of information is a Education investigation
    Thanks for the Video's

  • Man fuck YouTube … I'll see ya on bitchute … Google obviously isn't going to change …

  • Love your bravery Brian. Dont give up!

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