What Authorities & Massive Pharma Wish to Ban Now Will Make You Sick!!

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  • I REALLY appreciate you guys joining me on this back up channel. I'll be uploading on the main back up in 13 days when my penalty expires. Until then…HighImpactTV is where I'll be uploading…so…WELCOME! Here's the link to the American Kratom Association: https://www.americankratom.org/advocacy/kratom-warriors.html

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  • Kratom saved my life and thousands of others. I have been part of the movement to fight back and everyone needs to help! Even if you don't use kratom, this is about FREEDOM

  • Bitter almonds have an ingredient in them that kill Cancer like apricot kernels Laetrile I believe. In the nineties the fda said they found salmonella in the almonds.Which is a food processing thing . But blamed it on the plant, and banned growing bitter almonds. I don't think you can grow them even know…….Same thing same Government

  • They will never irradicate every plant that is healing for us! I'd like to see them be able to wipe out every Chapparral plant that is all over the desert areas and iradicates cancer! Lol

  • Yes, it's from coffee plant, like the leaves of many plants are used to cure ailments. It's just a diversion to cover up the lefts criminal behavior.

  • Kratom has greatly helped my anxiety & depression with absolutely no side effects

  • Deja Vu of the 60's with the criminalization of marijuana.
    The people were crying for their ability to obtain, but a movie was enough to put it through and that's where we are now, in so far as marijuana "ban".
    They create dangerous drugs. Only to create a treatment for that drug. Wonder how two aspirins would amount to, today?
    Doctors call me "holistic" because I take no drugs, and they told me I only had 3yrs. left…. 20 years ago!
    Huh?!? By the Grace's… Peace


  • Man,
    What's your name?
    I know they lie all the time.
    I am from Belgium.
    The country in the world with the most prescriptions and chemical pharmaceutical drugs.
    Wonder why?
    Not only the SOLVAY-JANSSEN families are responsible for slavery in Congo, but they drug my folks.
    Also they own the Castle of Darkness in Amerois(Bouillion-Ardennes-Luxembourg), where according to pedophile surviving victims, some NATO officers, gendarmes and police high ranking officers satanistic orgies and black masses occurred.
    Also do not buy their Prozac!
    It's dangerous, fluoride…

  • TGE

    Short bus riders.

  • Maybe 36 people worldwide? Name anything and it's killed more people than Kratom. I'll bet Play-Doh has killed more kids than kratom. Vitamin C has hurt more people than kratom. Enough already.

    I'm experimenting with the Maeng Da strain right now. Hard for me to find the right dose, I usually end up intoxicated before any pain relief sets in. Good sleep aid, though.

    First time, I wanted to know what "too much" was and took a heaping tablespoon. That's really, really stupid. Should not have done that with sugar, let alone a psychoactive plant. Within 15 minutes, it felt like I was falling down drunk, but without the numbness of alcohol. My stomach emptied itself in about three good heaves and the effects stopped within minutes. The powder is like eating tea leaves and tastes even worse coming back around.

  • Research for the truth in what the government tells you, don’t just swallow a big “lie pill”.

  • This nation will fail soon. This madness can only go on so long before it collapses under its own weight.

  • i also use kratom having beat an opioid then a suboxone addiction. I quit one then the other but you always have that urge. so i started using Kratom which i used to workout with and for pain. last week i went to buy some more and the guy said they were waiting weeks for their order that never showed up. now i know. The Govt and big pharma are in bed together and would rather people be on drugs and even die than help. The more you learn the more you know the system is broken and all one big fucking joke.

  • They approve oral sufentanyl but want to ban kratom. Sick!

  • Rothschilds as any agency's frist letter for F as for the Fed wording as FDA OR FCC or FBI or FDIC or FEDERAL or FAA or FIC or FEDERAL RESERVE. Big phama uses the F and strikes again. Rothschilds and Jesuits won't stop until America turns into full Israel as the inventors of money and that looks of satanic art show on backs of every dollar bill shows every single porson in the world who rules over America and can kill hundreds of millions of people in America and the world at the push of a button or trigger Squeeze to shoot anyone who questions the satanic Zionist and Jesuits cults joined power. why isn't Christian Americans citizens worried about this issue who knows

  • This is ridiculous and I would demand the fda to prove what they are saying. It's all about money with them, and they can care less about people with real diseases and pain. Kratom has been used by people in Asia for centuries and it's not dangerous. What are they going to ban next Basil, oregano ? It is a natural plant God put here… And I'm sure plants that grow naturally were put here for a reason. Back in the day, there were not pharmacy and man made synthetic drugs. alcohol and cigarettes do kill and so do synthetics drugs as well, oh well but as long as the government gets a big kickback it's OK I guess.I have Connective Tissue disease a form of Lupus, and Kratom is the only thing besides pain pill that helps me.people who have to work with diseases should be able to so they can have a quality of life ,and not be suffering. What good is a persons life if tbey can't work or do anything due to so much pain. I know a lady who has cancer and she waitresses and she has to get chemo treatments and go to work afterwards..that is miserable and that's an understatement. Maybe those who think people should constantly be in agony due to a medical problem should experience that for them self. People should be able to decide for them self if they want to take something to have some quality of life.. It's not quantity that matters it's the quality of what one has.

  • As a disabled veteran, kratom is the only thing that keeps me going daily. Without it, I’m in constant pain. The military beat the hell out of my body and then got me addicted to opiates. Kratom successfully helped me stop taking opiates and I feel 100 times better now than I ever have. I feel like a normal person again and these people want to take that away from me?! It’s just a matter of time before big pharma makes sure kratom can’t be used anymore and I’ll be back to square one.

  • They are only protecting there wallets

  • Thank you

  • Here for you bro!

  • Organized crime is trying to protect the crap out of us again.

  • Hopefully civil forfeiture will be crippled soon. I think the courts will vote in our favor

  • these thugs are even against CBD oil!!!

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