What’s Blockchain?

At this time Maria will likely be giving a Blockchain for Dummies class the place she explains simply how the blockchain works and the way it's the know-how behind Bitcoin.

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  • Blockchain will be more integrated into our daily life in the coming years..

  • You do a good job at explaining blockchain to beginners..you could teach a class

  • We in India most of us do not know about blockchain, but Maria explaining it understandably simple and easy. This video can make lots of people to understand about blockchain in near future.

  • Awesome video, everything explained nice and easy to understand.

  • Awesome! Love this channel, so much useful info about cryptos

  • Thank you for this important information. I think Blockchain will be the future of the humanity for sure.

  • Really awesome and fantastic information on Blockchain.I got a clear picture Well explained and nicely presented.Thanks.

  • Excellent information you share. All your content, advice, practices, review and information are totally genuine and useful. Of great importance. Thank you very much for sharing all your experience. you are fantastic. keep it up. I really liked your summary with all your advice in your detailed review.

  • Thanks for sharing this very interesting and informative video with us about blockchain. Your choice of topic is really nice.

  • Thanks for making this informative video that telling us what Blockchain it and how it works. Your explanation is very detailed.

  • This is by far the most informative video about blockchain that matters the most!

  • A helpful and informative video on Blockchain, Learned new handy points from this video, thanks.

  • It is interesting to know how the blockchain works, nowadays everyone should know about the economy of the future!

  • This is a really great breakdown of blockchain that even the most non-technical person can understand, this is why I love your channel! Blockchain is the future so everyone needs to be learning more about it. Thanks for sharing the info.

  • What good information about is Blockchain helped me so much this video thanks for uploading I wish you the best greetings and success

  • I never really understood what exactly blockchain was, tried watching a bunch of other videos but they were so long and technical. Your video was perfect, short and explained in a way that anyone can understand. I think I finally get it now, thanks!

  • this video is the best one I've ever seen so far regarding blockchain, bitcoin and iot security. thanks for sharing.

  • There is a good reason why nobody knows who invented it 😉 THINK 😉

  • Excellent video. I clarify some doubts I had about this topic, we need many more videos of this type. They are very useful

  • I believe that Blockchain can change the www era.

  • Excellent and simple tutorial. You have clarified me some doubts about Blockchain and now I´m more sure and informed about what it means and would be in the future.

  • Thanks for the easy to understand clip. Show it to my friend, he instantly got what blockchain is all about.

  • Maria I really like the way you explain things, it helps me understand the terms and how things function quite well! Thank you for publishing these educational episodes for the general audience!

  • Useful information about blockchain. It is really good to know that different computers that have access to the blockchain. I accept the fact that cryptography is the uniqueness of blockchain. Thanks for sharing.

  • Thank you so much for these information about what is Blockchain. I am looking for info about it and the best videos I watched came from this channel! good job.

  • Seen the term blockchain used a lot but never knew what it was and this was a massive help, thanks 🙂

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