What Now? | Bitcoin Market Evaluation | WARNING: Solely My Opinion [Crypto News]

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Bitcoin Yr Clandle Chart

Bitcoin Worth Fashions

Bitcoin Block Reward Halving Countdown

Bitcoin Worth (USD) vs Bitcoin Provide

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Tone Vays YouTube video: Has Bitcoin Bottomed? – Let's Debate!

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Bitcoin Quantity Surges in Brazil, Reaches New Day by day Excessive

Binance Coin (BNB) is likely one of the solely cryptos to hit all-time excessive since 2017

Cryptocurrency wants authorities's assist, says presidential hopeful Andrew Yang

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  • Smash the likes guys! Every LIKE helps our channel grow! 👍And tell me your thoughts in the comments! Are you buying or are you selling?

  • Glad to see this channel this person is giving his analysis on reasons and true logic .. please suggest me some under rated future sleeping giant to buy.. thank u

  • I bought in at $4850 hoping for a correction for more accumulation, love the channel 👍🏻

  • I Never Get Mad! I value your insights! I am new to this and deeply appreciate your experience, wisdom and knowledge!

  • im buying in now but hey not like i can wait with the amazon announcement even a noob like me can see this thing is about to get huge exposure millions of people buying in and I doubt it will drop low again after this amazon boom. Amazon gives btc legitimate real world functionality for the masses.

  • If it dips, big dip, big if, my buy points are between 4100-4700, that's the kind of price point where I basically start telling people I know that I have already told to start buying a little here and there since the drop from 6K. The truth is we don't know what is going to happen and I don't think we are yet at the "all in" moment, just accumulate as the host doing. Buy where you think is you're correct price point, but don't be that guy or gal that keeps telling themselves, nah, I think it'll go lower. Start eating the elephant now, one bite at a time.

  • I have a question. Im from germany. I bought coins on coinbase, but their fees are just stupidly high. Any good sites where i can cashout my coins without paying soo much high fees. Paypal would be cool.

  • Its heart breaking that i recently learned about BTC 😔

  • 20 days of no action

  • Hahahahahaha first of all' i like the end of this video… i had a good laugh. Thanks for the video! And i got into bitcoin a year ago, and i hope it will be my golden ticket aswell. Its my only chance

  • Problem with all these new channels brings new scammers!!!

  • J K

    Love your chanel, but only one 'but': having Crypto Crow in your Subscriptions ? Oh, please… 🙂

  • The bears are all heavily accumulating secretly that is y they are bears just to maintain cheap bitcoin price

  • Wow man, how come I didn't find your video's earlier. Great value content. Almost as good as mine haha 🤣🤣 
    BTW, did you see the analysis of PlanB, 1000trillonman on Twitter? Think you'll love his analysis.

  • One of the most important channels with great content. Tnx. I am still holding all my portfolio in tether. Market is still bearish. I ain't gonna let whales fool me again.

  • Been subscribed thru all the drama. Love the content and waiting for that next notification! Keep up the great work!

  • Loom moon doom, then repeat

  • Hi Austin screw those who get annoyed at you, you provide a free service, your info is top, and you never try to sell anything to your audience, well it does,nt get any more honest than that, in my opinion, keep it up bro, you and your brother ROCK""

  • I am in Crypto space since Dez/2017 and my average buy price is USD 6.235… Is it bad or good for a beginner?

  • XLM is gonna jump over XRP way more connections XLM might go to top 5 this year check the news.

  • Hey Diddle Diddle,

    The cat and the fiddle,

    The bitcoin jumped over the moon.

  • People still get to emotional, good traders are patient, buy at the bottom, take advantage of the dips, trade with the trend, there is no money in flat markets, what goes up will come down and what goes down will go up, plan your trades and work your plan, never get emotional about trades. TA gives you insight and time gives you knowledge, practice give you experience. If trading was cut and dry or a get rich quick and easy scam then every one would be doing it. It is not so bad to be wrong some times and make mistakes, that is how we learn. Invest wisely and never chase your trades let them come to you. With speculation comes hope. Remember you will never loose money when the market goes down only when you get emotional and sell. There are people out there that bought on the high of the last bull run but are patiently hodL ing , accumulating and waiting for the tide to turn and it will. For the new people HODL means Hold On for Dear Life.

  • WebDollar.io take a look

  • Long term subscriber – I’m not sure if I remember you giving your view on security tokens? Thanks for the vids!

  • Awesome content bro! I would like to know why u don't think binance coin is "not a great investment", because I disagree, mainly because after 23 april it will have its own token, wich means its $3 billion BNB Coin that currently runs on the Ethereum will be transferred to BNB. I'm not "hating" on what u said or anything, just would like to hear your thoughts on that. Keep up this great content and happy easter!

  • Yang doesn't have a shot, he's polling at 1% ffs. Plus, he's economically illiterate, with his UBI garbage.

  • Someone please explain to me why Bitcoin should go higher? Its old technology compared to other crypto, it takes up to 4 days to transfer money using bitcoin, its slow and not as secure as other crypto technology. It is the original though, so could it be for sentimental reasons it maintains a high price?

  • Hi would you mind checking put pascal coin and do u think i should be invested in it? I think i just found myself a gem, but need an advice , would be great if u check it out and reply

  • Please stop saying "our videos" and "we" when it's damn well just you on this channel, you're not some corporation lol

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