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Watch this video once more as a result of it is superior:

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  • I dont get how no one has said a damn thing about Coinbase & the rest of the exchanges having BCH shut down, is BCH Compatible with BCHABC exchange wallet?

  • 54:17 BTC path forward is decided by Blockstream corporation which is funded by banks .. and what about Bitcoin Foundation?

  • 8:13 Environmental issues? It's estimated that BTC mining produces a little bit over 300 million tons of CO2 per year and current banking system over 2300 million tons of CO2 per year. So stop hopping in to that brainwashing stuff of MSM!

  • Sale Price…LMAO
    BTC will go down more Yet…Just Wait !!!
    $3,186.00 – $2,875.00 is Realistic

  • 13:08: which youtuber were you talking about? thx

  • I'm with you K-dub. I learned a ton about markets and investments because of crypto.

  • Unfortunately many crypto videos are more than 1h, of which only 10% is really value adding. shorter videos to the point, no bs, clear and fast would be appreciated!

  • I think a reprisal will happen when enough people turn maximalists. Also before that, Tether fog need to be cleared and MtGox trustee must returns funds. Too many projects for now, I'm not interrested in altcoins anymore because exchanges are stealing us before bankruptcy. (Example: The exchange Cryptopia randomly delisted without notice my major holdings and basically insta-liquidated me.)

  • none of you guys really understand that the tech is great but doesnt fucking matter . its a new money market … LEARN T.A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • USA reach into Malta – Does Malta use Oil? there you go, have to use US dollar to buy oil

  • Too many adverts man

  • What are youetubers doing about the EU proposed ruling ? (Copyright checking transferred to up-loader not Youtube themselves? Article 13?

  • The descending triangle was always going to lead to a dramatic drop when it broke and it's proven over time statistically that this pattern breaks down in roughly 70% of cases. That's nothing to do with the hash wars. Now we have a VERY strong resistance level at $6,000 (support becomes resistance) and it will take time for that to be broken. I believe in TA and it's only my opinion, I might be wrong, but it makes sense to me that in a bear market there may be great news stories but when whales weigh that up against a prevailing bear market often the prevailing trend wins out. News stories don't matter all that much. It changes when the price reaches a natural low, which depends on the overriding psychology of a market of millions of minds. There will be a point where the bears do not have an appetite to short the market and when the sentiment shifts we get the same in reverse. Nobody knows when or where that will be exactly but very few experts predict for it to happen this year.

  • Too much advertisments

  • Back off with the ads man, I’m not going to watch this. Here’s my downvote instead.

  • Fuck you "CNBC Fast money" this was the bomb!!! You guys rocked.

  • I wanna buy more icecream, when is the moon

  • Hey K-Dub, I would love to see a daily quick segment on how many cryptos are still in the market and which are being delisted/closing up shop.

    It would definitely be a breath of fresh air during these hard times.

    LIKE if you agree.

  • D H

    Bitboy went back to the 80'ies and borrowed a chroma key!

  • Good live stream guys ! I agree, we're seeing more interest now that the market crashed, it got people's attention and maybe some new comers will be interested in the space and spread the word. Everyone wants to buy cheap.

  • Still waiting for the right time to reenter.

  • BTC will be always store of value the Gold of Crypto!

  • Zcash has two different addresses, you can send it from non-anonymous to anonymous at the time of transfer. T->Z

  • You keep on forgetting about XRP main competitor XLM, by the people for the people: https://pool.lumenaut.net/ You can even stake it now!

  • Good to hear lots of different points of view.

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