Why I Don't Spend money on Tesla Inventory

I get requested on a regular basis if I like to recommend investing in Tesla. So on this video, I wished to provide my ideas on investing in Tesla in addition to the market typically. This isn't monetary recommendation! Because of Cedric for his assist right here https://www.youtube.com/person/inspiredeye

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  • Make sure to disagree respectfully! Happy Friday!

  • This aged well

  • “Criminal front running” for ‘mum n dad’ investors is just a few bucks, ONLY a problem if you want to try and be a ‘day trader’ then ya fucked, leave that to the big boys. But NO PROBLEM to take long positions on things, like you would your house. In fact the in out costs of shares is TINY. Buying and selling things at auction (i used to trade wine) can have can be up to 20%….. $40 to buy 80 TSLA in two batches.. volatile? I’ll sell sometime between now and 2025, whats the problem?

    But yeah, the Stockmarket is pretty fucked jump and I don’t like supporting the culture.. Bernie 2020!!

  • The part you missed is Tesla earnings can't be trusted. When you have an unstable CEO the results can be manipulated to build his ego when he is having a tough time.

  • This is silly, Of course there will always be ways to cheat, even with block chain. Haha don’t worry I won’t be taking your investment advice. Tesla is a long term buy and is an awesome investment!

  • You have a tendency to tunnel vision. BTC has only been around 10 years. 10 years is not nearly enough to prove as the future of money. In addition, BTC whales are just shorting on you and buying actual physical assets such as real estate, gold, and arable land. BTC whales will ALWAYS control the game. They decide what the price of bitcoin at any point in time. Same for Tesla. Automaker losing money should never be on the same evaluation as Honda.

  • If you believe in electric and solar, you invest in Tesla. Not for a quick buck but for a long term payout

  • Mad, water company are make money on water so I am not going to drink water ever. Nice argument.

  • Lmao

  • I think if you believe in the company , you should invest and hold long. I think you would see a great return in 5 years or so. Tesla has nearly unlimited long term potential.

  • Hi Ben, thanks for sharing your view of investing. Tesla for the foreseeable future has an economic moat: Their supercharger network. Big oil shorted TSLA down to 185 and as of the date I write this is still under its $273 two year 200 day MA.

  • You lost me when you mentioned Bitcoin…. lol

  • the stock market it`is greed manager, so help me god, I am greedy 🙂

  • Boring

  • Good information, thanks!
    Please believe in Tesla, long term.

  • This video comes down to selling not long term Investment I dont disagree but am wondering why it wasnt titled differently.

  • Is the stock market rigged against the "little man"? Yes.
    Does it matter? No.
    Let the algos make 1c per share. Over the Long term it doesn't matter.
    Is the BTC market rigged? Yes.
    But btc is not investing it is speculation. There is no cash flow, you hope for someone to pay more for your btc.
    Can't compare 🍎 and 🍊.

  • Hi Ben, you have invested in Tesla: you have bought their products and built a career on Tesla

  • Doesn't matter to me that you're not good at investing money. Keep up the Tesla videos the stock is going to the moooon!

  • buy buy buy

  • Is everyone here kidding? Wealthy Oil companies and ICE car makers are piling mountains of money into shorting Tesla to drag down the price and harm it or at least slow it down. This isn't bulls vs bears, it's a full on attack by the people destined to be hurt by disruption. Main stream Media is aiding this effort too. I've watched a few investment shows talking about Tesla and they are completely against the company in all kinds of stupid ways easily picked apart by common sense questions. Guess we know who pay their salaries.

  • The system is t set up for retail investors to get cheated. If an institution makes .1 cents on your trade, you may have an issue with their ability to make money in a way you can’t, but this should have no bearing on investing in a stock like TSLA or others. Are you trying to buy TSLA at 230 and sell it at 230.012 or sell it at 2330? Are you not going to buy food because a corporation can buy food cheaper in larger quantities? I could go on but your logic in this video is beyond flawed. Your other videos are great, stay away from investment advice, it’s not your Forte. I’ve been a professional investor for 20 years and it’s a long term game. I’ll check in again. in 3-5 years when TSLA is one of the largest companies in the world by Market cap and read your video entitled “Opps I was wrong”. Otherwise Great channel and I remain a fan.

  • I understand your argument when comparing stocks with crypto.

    Bitcoin is really human-safety for trading it. But there's no system yet that trades Bitcoin for another currency. Also there's no value attached to Bitcoin, only the trust in the coin itself.

    If you think that in a long term Bitcoin is going to be a think, for sure is a safe investment. You do not depend on anything but your wallet.

  • Weak Hands lose money.

  • Smart guy but confused on investing…T has the potential to be a trillion dollar company by 2030. Go long on T.

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