Why I Will not Partake In Anymore Psychedelic Journeys!

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Psychedelic Journeys

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Why I Will not Partake In Anymore Psychedelic Journeys!

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  • I declared myself done with psychedelics a decade ago. Now I'm in my mid thirties, I'm a husband and a father of three, and I'm starting to feel like I might benefit from an experience again. My only fear- when I think about, at this stage of my life, especially having kids- I feel an involuntary guilt. Nothing in me thinks it's anything to feel guilty about. These are powerful tools for change and personal evolution. Still, the illogical guilt is there. I'm afraid of getting out into that special space in time, and getting hit with a wall of guilt, which would obviously be devastating. Out of hundreds of trips on dozens of psychedelics, I was blessed to only have one "bad" experience, and it was triggered by guilt.

    Anyways, all the rambling is to say, it's totally fine to take a break at any time, be it for a few years or the rest of your life. Don't, though, every tell yourself you're done. I'm thinking that's where the guilty feeling is coming from.

  • Weed was a fun experience for me, haven't said that, it does not provide any benefits for your health. It is a wise choice to stop smoking it and here is why:
    At the moment you burn ganja it gets acidic. It completely acidifies your lungs. When it makes contact with your lungs that sticky substance gets into your bloodstream and probably will accumulate at the core of your brain.
    At this time I want to note that health = heroine pleasure. You will only have to do your own research.
    Good luck and have fun.

  • Why do I feel like you got bunk acid? Doesn't sound like a typical experience… my trips were the best experiences of my life

  • I don’t do acid anymore but, I love shrooms tbh.

  • Yeah man four hits for a very first trip….I completely understand. I can only take a little like half tab or one…it's a ruthless molecule

  • Grow some fungi love them eat them they'll love you, get real and STFU JESUS!😂😂love ya avi♥️

  • I’m still in that same mindset you had, tbh I don’t see ever fully quitting substances, especially m. Hard to imagine anyone having a bad time something that works by releasing a happy chemical lo

  • Im at the point where I'm prank calling people on the psychedelic phone.

  • Long hair Avi will be missed

  • cuz u WEAAAAK SUn hahah jp not serious at all ive suffered real anxiety and depression its an on goin battle also derealization and such to each their own man we all have our comfort zones… lifes fucking strange

  • 4ACO DMT is just synthesized mushrooms without the body low. Very pleasant. I understand stepping away from Psychs though. I trip maybe once every 3-4 months if i'm lucky!

  • Yeah you got a unique Channel I like. it I'll check out that billionaire stuff too

  • I won't touch that shit anymore. My psyche is a fragile house of cards… on a three legged table… in a crappy motorhome.

  • My first trip was only 1/8 tab and was sooo euphoric,I didn't realize my "high" level first. After I realized it was over, just laughing without end. Could't look people in the face without laughing

  • I have advanced tremendously in the content of my trips over the past 2 years. They key is to integrate it and alter your mentality, hence altering how subsequent trips will go. I went from merely feeling young, hopeful and happy again on 3 grams of mushrooms, to communicating with the essence of the cosmic serpent on only 1.5 grams of shrooms. Then again, I also meditate on average for 25 hours a week and have been using these experiences to destine the path of my spirituality.

  • Seems like you binged out on some hardcore trips prob why ur so touchy about tripping

  • When I first started watching this channel I had very similar opinions, now I don't plan on trying anymore drugs at all. It's done no positive for myself, all that I've got was regrets. Also, It's bad for functionality and most the people who admire drugs so much are losers tbh

  • Turned 14 on the 28th last month and I started smoking weed with my friends last year and bought some more and some LSD off the deep web. Gonna try it once I get it tested, first time wish me luck.

  • Well said man. I can relate totally.

  • Have a Philosophy of use next time and don’t be bitch made

  • I saw that video. It was the long haired mike. Been with this channel from the jump and love it!!

  • Bro, good morning to you too.

  • PS: Psyched Substance is the most annoying channel regarding psychedelics, I find it ridiculously self satisfying, ego centric and *whinging*… Thumbs down to Psyched Substance.

  • Wait a few years, then enjoy them again. 🙂 Psychedelics, especially San Pedro/Peyote, are wonderful medicines.

  • psychedelics scare me. i feel like i'm not made for that kind of stuff.

  • I relate a lot to this. You’re making the right decision for sure

  • is this the guy that keeps injecting bath salts

  • Thanks Mike!

  • Dude

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