Will Bitcoin (BTC) Bounce to 5K Proper Now?! – Crypto Market Technical Evaluation & Cryptocurrency Information

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Will Bitcoin (BTC) bounce to 5K proper now?! Let's focus on this and a few cryptocurrency buying and selling technical evaluation (TA) + present market crash information on at the moment's video!

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Disclaimer: The content material lined on this video/stay stream is NOT funding recommendation. I’m NOT a monetary adviser. These are solely my very own private opinions, concepts, charts, technical evaluation (TA), insights, information and worth predictions. At all times do your personal analysis and solely make investments solely based mostly by yourself findings and private judgement. Deciding to put money into and/or purchase Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) or every other kind of cryptocurrency is extraordinarily excessive threat and the market can crash at any time! This video/stay stream is only for leisure functions solely!

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  • 🏅 PUBLIC TRADE ALERTS- https://t.me/AltCoinParty
    ⚡️ Follow @ https://twitter.com/CryptoKirby

  • Light up the moon! (confused)

  • Great content thank you

  • Blue suede loafers! Lmao

  • Atm bitcoin is Not Anymore oversold 1 Day.
    I think it is nearly impossible to have much more then a coinflip shortterm without beimg a market maker.
    For me a price Action Like we had Only at Löwe values and with bigger procentual change.

  • The major macro trend its the holders trend that goes back to 2010 to today. What you do its to trade the buble trend witch bitcoin had some.

  • anyone else than me that is hearing his fist hitting the desk from time to time! its like I can see the speech infront of me! lalala baaam (fist hit) traalaaa laaaa BAAAAM! (FIST HIT!!!) HAHA!!

  • Kirbs has so many catchphrases that sometimes I forget how often he says 'ladies and gentlemen'.

  • Is it just me, or is that a Huge head and shoulders forming on the 4 hour chart 😳

  • Grandma has got her ingredients ready.

  • Did Bitcoin just bottom?

  • In a word: LEGEND!

  • lol.. satoshi definetly need a new pair of shoes.. love your video as always

  • Get rent Kirby!! Get reeeent!!

  • Hey James and joe would never think that is a bull trap .. would be happy and say "to the moon" .

  • Maybe the last chance to sell at 6k before the bottom.?!

  • YES BEAR KIBRY IS BACK! lol jk jk

  • Big money players are getting into the market, it's being manipulated to drop the price so they can make larger profits on the way up and control the majority of the bitcoin in existence. Its decentralized but that doesnt mean the super wealthy can't own most of it.

    With 21 million bitcoin total in existence very few people will be wealthy enough to hold an entire bitcoin, think about that as part of your investment strategy. There are already 7.8billion people on the planet and its increasing all the time, if you divided the 21million bitcoin among all 7.8billion people on earth each person would have 0.00269230BTC that's less than 3/1000ths of a bitcoin.
    In the long term a single bitcoin will represent a fortune most people can hardly fathom. Everything we are seeing is already all time lows that, once the market goes up, we will never see again.

  • 👍

  • Dude, you’re the best

  • I think we're going lower, I hope we are anyway I need to accumulate more before 2019

  • Do you think there will be another ath? What’s your target?

  • I think you been hanging out with James at the water cooler too much Kurby.

  • Us us us Kirby US!

  • gr8 one

  • I've been Jaaaaaaaaames at the water cooler for too long. Not anymore.

  • The Banksters run the media.

  • F&#%! The main stream FAKE NEWS media!

  • Fud news is all planted by the banks so they can keep accumulating

  • Do you think people will use MOAC to build dapps on?

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