Will Bitcoin Rebound in 2019? The Bull vs. Bear Case

The Nice Crypto Debate: Half II
One 12 months after Bitcoin hit almost $20,000, what can we anticipate from crypto in 2019?

Caroline Hyde (Bloomberg Information)
Joe Weisenthal (Bloomberg Information)
Michael McKee (Bloomberg Information)
Mike McGlone (Bloomberg Intelligence)
Ryan Selkis (Co-Founder and CEO, Messari)

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  • BSV is the true Bitcoin do your research people


  • What about Hedera?

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  • dead cat bounce on bitcoin 😛 hossa of fools



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  • very funny… Bloomberg posts this debate exactly the day Bitcoin touched the bottom.. day after goes up 20%.. bottoms out a few months and shoots up.. indicators don't have to be extreme to impose a reversal… TIME does.. spreading FUD on the the lowest low… good timing… when people start having serious discussions about the certainty of btc and adoption when bitcoin is extreme low… that's a bullish sign

  • Why are these financial cash analysts talking about Crypto in the same way> $1500 bottom> HAHAHAHAH… it just went up to $7400 today…Using Technical analysis on BTC is foolish… you have to use fundamental analysis and see that there is a mad interest from insitutuitons and the technology is picking up
    – Don't trust any Crypto Analyst over 40 yrs old. – They are dinosaurs

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  • Looks like another bull has just started ;D

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  • That 1500 shill saying tether is the way to go. The second he started selling fiat blockchain as the best bet, you know exactly who he works for.

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