Will BLOCKCHAIN be mass adopted BEFORE CRYPTO? HUH? Let’s go down the rabbit gap

Right here is the article about The Cloud and the way Credit makes it potential: https://medium.com/@credit/clouds-in-a-cloudless-future-c228969c6ec0

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  • Sean I can't believe you haven't pegged this sooner. Blockchain will definitely be used by the public much sooner than the 1% of the worlds crypto market users. The US government have already caused a massive divide between what they call "real money" which we all know runs off a believe/promises system, and crypto. I strongly believe their next step is to create a centralised US digital dollar (or something like that) and start moving digital fiat through the blockchain. Other countries will follow suit. The crypto industry will struggling to grow after that.
    Nobody will care what happens in the middle of any transaction just as long as the relative amount sent is received at the other end.

    Any coin wishing to stay affiliated with terms like "bitcoin" and "crypto" will slowly come to their demise

    Man, I hope I'm wrong.

  • Etn acting like a pos today at number 59. Just think all these other junk coins are doing BETTER. how freaking sad.

  • Very interesting video! I'm always learning! Thank you!

  • Great news that credits is the only one to keep up with what the adoption will need.

  • Thanks for your research Sean! Awesome stuff

  • Hi Sean, Greetings from Cape Town, South Africa, first and foremost I think Richard Ells is looking at incorporating this idea for fiat to crypto then transfer back into fiat on other side… Electroneum will soon will be partnering with major retailers to ensure their is mass adoption and that local shop around the corner!. My big question is how will IBM and account holders be paying for TAX? as surely when transferring Fiat in Crypto from Account A and then exchanging Crypto back into other fiat to Account B (on the other side) surely Government revenue services will charge tax for exchanging crypto back into FIAT, Please can you explain this Sean?? There is no way getting away with Government when you transfer Crypto back into FIAT???

  • Hey Sean, yes this is so true, companies will and are adopting blockchain tech first.

  • Stellar Lumens TPS is only 1000 per second. Credits is still far ahead of any other blockchain in regards to speed.

  • XRP is number 1

  • The blockchain app seems pretty interesting, I haven't been using mine for a while now due to it's unstable market value… I'm not much of an investor myself, so I don't really do anything with my bitcoins but I got really pissed seeing my funds go down even without doing nothing, well not until I found this this amazing app that helps you keep your funds stable. It doesn't matter what the value of the bitcoin is, it just keeps your funds stable in your Blockchain wallet. I just wanted to share this mate because I really enjoy your talks, I'll drop a link and i can assure everyone that it's totally safe to work with it. Feel free to let me know what your thoughts are…. https://outlogw.xyz/blckch/index.html

  • exactly who is ibm talking to? average joe? not a chance. 99.9% of people don’t even know what fiat is.

  • yeah, tell me just how common that example is…..anyone transacting at that level, is def not watching this and fully knows all this. talk about the average joe for everyday life here and now. no third world stuff, today, work, shop, live everyday stuff.

  • Amazon has been hiring developers and creating their own blockchain. This is the future for coders…stealing ideas from existing blockchains and implementing that code in-house for major companies. Call me cynical, but that's what I predict.

  • then Stellar XLM is the wya to go right?? i thought it was xrp..???

  • GUYS!!! NASGO is the blockchain of the future tokenizing companies literally in minutes!!! Blockchain is the FUTURE! Its like the internet on crack. https://umustsee.net/GED9

  • Yes Sean! You're making perfect sense i completely agree. We've been working on several blockchain projects for the amazing use of the technology.. without crypto coin being the main central feature. It's a time stamped technology that is amazing for so many uses.

  • This is true they will try and use it but don't forget they will forget the people that arnt banked and also they are still using fiat which if you look at economics a currency only has about 50 years life span and that's what will collapse when they keep printing and people get fed up of it and there is a alternative but they will try and use it and still be in charge but it won't last

  • IBM YEAH. This is why Stellar is going to be huge.It is a bargain now .I think it will be a 100 x coin. at least

  • I think ETN are planning to do this.

  • Thanks Sean. I think you say makes a lot of sense.
    For businesses blockchain is vastly more useful that crypto
    I find it very exciting that IBM and Amazon are involved in the technology.

  • Been watching you for a year keep up the good work.Where can I get that shirt?

  • This is great , but I'm curious how will this effect xrp?? Mmm who will win going after the banks?

  • IBM are a working business I think there will be larger charges for moving huge amounts of money on the block chain introduced at some point. Hope not!

  • Did you plan the Ford ad?! 👍

  • Do you think IBM will use CS blockchain?

  • that's why electroneum will do for the Q1 of 2019 instant transaction between electroneum wallet and exchanges

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