XRP, BTC-Placing the Coloring E-book Items Along with BG123 and Satoshi Nakamoto

The items are beginning to come collectively.

Safety Token Article Nasdaq- https://www.nasdaq.com/article/how-tokenization-is-putting-real-world-assets-on-blockchains-cm767952

Polymath Web site- https://polymath.community/

Microsoft Schooling Web site- https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/schooling/education-workshop/brain-impact-simulator.aspx

The Official Bitcoin Coloring E-book on Amazon-https://www.amazon.com/Official-Bitcoin-Coloring-E-book/dp/1945652012

Prepared, Set, Crypto- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLVg3gS_lVVWhr23omBwAKg/movies

Microsoft Azure Blockchain Service-https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/weblog/digitizing-trust-azure-blockchain-service-simplifies-blockchain-development/

So I can purchase Wave and Ripple Coloring E-book:

BTC- 3Nqm1tkshBamDtVwudHq3jX5NhdCXbUc3L

XRP- rEihwtqzS1zsQbF5KgUm8TWbSJNvvnvTno

DGB- ShD2CKLPELJatAj9oJNYxKPhPq3uqe3zxz

ETC- 0xe280061fA5aB5EDF8c9fbE74cba179c5ae1bD1a7

DASH- XjqG6oj4mTCNpYoEKyfLyNLhW5oMUPac6S

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  • You and Sam I am are on point. Lets kick this mule and get this started… Xrp to $5 then parabolic!

  • i will lol hard if xrp becomes useless
    i have mostly xrp , but i will lol hard 🙂 even if that means i lose most of my money


  • There’s a correlation to the Ripple Riddler’s stuff. Where did that picture of Satoshi Nakamoto in the matrix come from? Remember the Riddler matrix image where he has a finger over his lips? Striking resemblance to the image of Satoshi you are showing here. I think the riddler was clueing us in months ahead. No one ever cracked that, I don’t believe. Crazy.

  • take my another wallet adress
    memo – 1008706329

  • Looks like a hybrid of brad and davids faces put together

  • The whole time i was like bruh shut that damn chicken up but then i thought yo he probably loves that chicken like i love my dog so then i thought fuck it happy chicken happy youtuber 😂

  • I'm an Xrp fan. Ok so last night I had the most vivid dream. Xrp blew to $4 then pulled back to $3 then out of nowhere it went vertical to $760 bucks. Now that's not to say it will go that high, but I think alot of people are going to take profits too early and BOOM it's too late.

  • You've got a lippy cock there

  • Is Scooter Bron Taylor Swift's manager???

  • Videos like this make me sad.

    I don't know if the presenter is a con artist, mentally ill, tragically gullible, or a child. Once things are released on the internet they are in the world forever. So, my good-citizen advice is that he stopped exposing his foolishness to the world until he has time to get better critical analysis skills and learn the value of being skeptical.

  • found someone else posting your vid, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-r1LIMbFks

  • Gosh guys I think you are truly bad at math!!! 1969 a dude goes to moon! 2019 Realizing an old country made us the US to pay for GAS must I say must fund war to start the play WELCOME to politics glad I say GLAD you could make it!!! You just skipped past MUSK LOL!!!!!

  • Yup, you remind me of Sam, you're a very clever man. Ordered 2 each of the books, 2 to store away and two to look through whilst you hopefully do a video on them 👍👍

  • say hi to your rooster ! keep up the good job <3

  • I pre-ordered the coloring books for the clues.. so exciting!

  • Maybe the look a like is a spoof between author and Garlicbread so could be cool great work!!!

  • i have not received xlm
    Destination address of XLM




  • Mike listen to short video at 31:20 mark, when asked about Polysign. David Schwartz Live Interview with CKJ at Consensus 2019 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71LBHN7gZro&t=2932s

  • Good work Brother 🙏🏾

  • Rooster knows what's up!!!!!!!

  • Have you invested in Polymath?

  • Great Job, Mike, but I do not think that is Brad. To narrow of jaw line, and looks Asian.

  • Mike did you checkout the hidden secrets of money episode 3. The 16 to 17 min mark abou tthe bearableguy123 swirl clue?

  • HODL strong. The only way!
    XRP – The Standard

  • CHUCK NORRIS is Satoshi

  • You have to show us the rooster sometime!

  • Roster is saying, "IT'S TIME TO WAKE UP FOLKS"!!!

  • ya must be broadcasting from old macdonald's farm

  • It will be nice when the price of XRP increases due to healthy daily remittance volume.

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  • ethereumEthereum
    $ 185.12 1.12%
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