XRP Value Evaluation(This Man Has Been Proper 2X) And Ripple SEC No Motion Letter

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I'm not a licensed monetary advisor. All movies on this channel are meant for leisure functions solely. You shouldn't purchase, promote, or put money into any asset based mostly on what I say in these movies. It is best to know that investing carries excessive dangers. You can lose your total funding. This isn't buying and selling recommendation and I'm on no account chargeable for any losses incurred.

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  • Keep mooning

  • I love spending money it’s fun, one thing I also love is trading ever since a kid I was trading cards and making a better deal to get the cards I needed and I still do today, I am now using my past knowledge and bringing it to the cyrpto world where I spend my money and look at the charts to help determine which cyrpto to hold when to make a better return or a lower loss. If I were to have held all my money in XRP I would have no where near as much as I do now, I converted my cyrpto into XRP before looking at the charts and saw the potential litecoin held, I gained a 300% then I exchanged half and got some btt, I gained 100% on that before buying back the same amount of XRP I started with plus more in other cyrpto

  • Such an amazing intro, but your mic is kaka my friend!

  • And how many times was he wrong haha

  • Ребят о чем видео?

  • Buying yourself a home is cool and all… but only if you got it at a reallllllly good price. Otherwise, it’s generally a terrible investment. Especially if you live in New Jersey 😒

  • I pay an extra $400 a month of tax, come tax time I get a nice refund. Guess what I bought?. RIPPLE!

  • Yes, pay yourself first! Bills will always be there- personally for the last year I have choose to put $ in Crypto every month because I've seen better returns than any Bank would give me.

  • You may have a point about the house thing, but you have to remember the alternative….renting? If you rent an apartment or a house….you will be throwing that rental money into the wind. So if the question of what is the better investment between paying a 30 year mortgage or renting a home or apartment….I would have to say the mortgage and then finally owning the house would be the better investment.

  • You got to take into account tax break too as far as house

  • theoretically it would be the same as saving that $20 every week.

  • Nobody:

    XRP Investor: "Let's Moon this Bitch."

  • The sad part is I had to learn "pay yourself first" from a book. SMH

  • “Squat box” = 💩💩💩

  • SD

    200k for a house? Any of us near a metropolitan area (AKA jobs) are looking at 380k minimum for a 2 bedroom home.

  • You are talking about a 200k home that sells for 500k after 10 years with an intrest rate of max 5% in a timespan of 25 years (average). I understand what you are talking about but if i look at the previous generation, they doubled there money in a 10-15 year timespan. The question is, wil this be the same the next generation. I dont think so. Reason for that is that the current generation is getting impatient. They are used to getting everything they need on the button. The next generation will invest money different. We already see this happening now. Bricks are boring and and do not provide the 'surtainty' that people think. Anyhow, money sucks, we should find a way around it.

  • Richest Man in Babylon / The Compound Effect = wealth creation

  • fib retracement is 59cents… then pull back… then take off. been awaiting this for weeks.

  • I disagree. The fact that xrp would get a no action letter at all is very disheartening. A no action letter simply means that the sec will not take action against ripple unless they violate the terms the sec has made. I think the sec is effectively limiting the trading power of xrp and most other security type alt coins. Change my mind. If I'm wrong then why isn't bitcoin being targeted by the sec with a no action letter?? Hmm??

  • please man spare me the bullshit, if the market makers decide the price goes up then and only then it goes up, besides those mortherfuckers are only there too liquidate you so if you can play that game you might gain something. And you must be a paid shiller, jesus dude be honest. tell eve4rybody that 1 billion xrp's are back in circulation, from a escrow, what do you think they will do, keeping them, NO of course not.. they want your listeners pay for them..

  • Next up 50 K !!!!!!👍

  • bitcoinBitcoin
    $ 10,391.71 1.8%
  • ethereumEthereum
    $ 192.32 0.33%
  • rippleXRP
    $ 0.274168 0.71%
  • bitcoin-cashBitcoin Cash
    $ 309.92 1.03%
  • litecoinLitecoin
    $ 74.47 0.85%
  • ethereum-classicEthereum Classic
    $ 6.91 5.78%
  • bitcoin-goldBitcoin Gold
    $ 14.06 4.38%
  • bitcoin-diamondBitcoin Diamond
    $ 0.690284 0.29%